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No matter the size or scope of your roof project, Reggae Roofing can handle it.


Commercial Repair

We understand how much a recurring leak hurts your bottom line. That's why when Reggae Roofing goes out to fix your roof, we do it right the first time. No matter what type of roof, we can help.

Commercial Roof Replacement

Hospitals. Schools. Fire Stations. Libraries. Skyrises. Warehouses. We've literally done them all. Inquire about a commercial roof replacement from us and find out why our experience speaks for itself.

Commercial Repairs

Satisfied Customers

Tenants hate when roofers say they've addressed the problem, only to have their interior get damaged again within a few weeks thanks to a shoddy repair. Reggae Roofing, on the other hand, actually addresses the leak and even alerts you to more potential leaks so you can prevent them.

Trusted Everywhere

Broward Health, the major hospital in the Fort Lauderdale area, trusts us as their primary roofers. So do a variety of other commercial and government establishments. Find out why Reggae Roofing is the most trusted name in South Florida by giving us a shot with your repair.

Incredible Expertise

Florida roofs are all different. Just about every flat roof system has a variety of details that make it unique to its building. That's why you should consider Reggae Roofing for any commercial repairs you may have. With 25+ years of experience on average, our crews have seen everything.

Efficient & Responsive

The most common complaint we hear from property managers and commercial owners is the lack of professionalism and responsiveness from their preferred roofer. Reggae Roofing will not ever leave you in the dark about your property. We believe communication is one of the secret ingredients to a successful roofing business.

If you would like to inquire about a Commercial Repair, reach out!


If you're interested in having Reggae Roofing assess your property's roof, or if you're a General Contractor interested in having our experts work on your project, follow these steps:



Get in Touch

Prior to putting a bid together, we'll need to speak directly with the property owner (or representative) to understand the scope of work and the nature of the project. There will almost certainly be details that require further clarification. 


Set an Appointment

After our initial conversation, we'll need to go out and put eyes on the property itself to verify all the site conditions and take note of all the pertinent details. This information will allow us to put together a quote that includes everything on the roof.


Receive a Bid

After all the information has been consolidated, we'll put together a proposal that will include payment terms, the full scope of work, and the project specific details. Of course, every project is different and some larger projects will require a contract.

Commercial Jobs:

Thank You! We'll Be In Contact With You Shortly!


We understand that most roof problems are urgent matters. Simply fill out the form and we will reach out to you as soon as possible with more information on how we can solve your roofing problems.

If it is after 6 pm, or if it's a weekend, please allow us one business day to respond to your inquiry.

3403 NW 82nd Avenue Suite 101H

Doral, FL 33122


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