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Free Leak Repairs?!

It's not too good to be true, we promise.

No strings attached. No obligation. Just a simple roof repair done correctly. Free of charge.





Book our services online

Our online booking form has a short 60-second questionnaire and a calendar which updates in real time. Simply select the day and time that is most convenient for you, and select the option to book the appointment.


Meet the reggae roofers

Once the appointment is set, we gather what we need and go to your home or business to address the leak. Depending on the type of roof system you have, your repair may differ a bit from your neighbors, but rest assured, we leave it watertight!


CONFIRM the appointment

After you've selected the best time and date for yourself, we'll receive a notification with your contact information. We will attempt to call or text you to fully commit to the booking.


Get inspection report

After your repair is finished, our roofers inspect the rest of the roof to look for other damages or signs of weakness. We give you a full detailed report explaining the lifespan of your roof and all sorts of recommendations once your repair is finished.

What's the catch?!

The #1 question we get asked is "Why are you doing this?" or some version of that. 

The honest answer is that we love what we do. We feel privileged to be able to help our community in this small way, and we love being a helpful company. However, helpfulness alone doesn't pay the bills, so you're probably wondering how we run our business like this. Well, a free repair gives us three big opportunities:


5 Star Review

If we do a good job on your repair and you enjoy your experience, we hope that you'll take some time to give us a 5 star review, or like and comment on our social media. This small gesture helps us generate more business to help more people like you!


Inspection Report

After your repair, we send you an inspection report. If your roof is in bad condition, your report will provide detailed recommendations to solve future problems. Should you wish to address any of those concerns, we hope to earn your business.


Future Re-Roof

Even if your roof is in great condition after the repair, one day it will finally require a full replacement. Whenever that day arrives for you, we hope to have earned your consideration for the job by displaying our excellence on your free repair.

None of these things are ever expected. Rather, we hope to earn your business through our honesty, efficiency, and professionalism. 

What you're getting

What's included in your free repair? The same things you should be receiving from a professional, paid roofing repair. 


moisture detection precision


demolition of damaged material


Fresh, new underlayment


New top layer patch 3ft x 3ft


Licensed Professionals


comprehensive inspection report

  • Do you repair every type of roof?
    We can repair shingle, tile, and flat roofs. Unfortunately we cannot provide a free repair on metal roofs or specialty roofs (such as cedar shakes).
  • Is it really free? Are there any hidden costs?
    Yes, the leak repair is truly free. There are zero hidden costs with the repair itself, and there's no obligation whatsoever to continue working with us. Should we notice additional deficiencies on the roof beyond what's repaired, we will advise you, and then whether you decide to continue using Reggae Roofing's stellar services is up to you.
  • I need two (or more) repairs on my roof. Can I get all of them for free?
    Reggae Roofing will do one spot repair free of charge. However, if more repairs are required on the same property, we'll have to charge for any scope of work that goes beyond the initial spot repair.
  • What materials are you using on my roof?
    Every single repair is different. Unfortunately, there's no one size fits all solution for roof systems. For a better idea of what specific materials will be used on your repair, please contact Reggae Roofing and ask one of our dedicated staff and they'll be happy to walk you through what's being used. Rest assured that no matter what type of roof system you have, we've seen it all, and we know exactly what materials will work best to properly seal your roof for the future.
  • Why are your repairs smaller than other roofers?
    Our repairs are precision based and designed to catch a single active leak, not multiple leaks at a time. Other roofers often attempt to repair a fairly large area because they're not sure where exactly the leak is occurring, so they'll often expand the area of the leak to cover their bases. Oftentimes, they're repairing perfectly good areas of the roof, but they repair them regardless because they don't use precision equipment (such as a moisture reader) to understand the exacts of where a leak may be entering the roof.
  • I need a large repair. Can you still help me?
    Sometimes a spot repair won't be enough, as the repair area may need to be much larger than what we can do for free. In this situation, we can do one of two options: - We can still conduct a spot repair and use our expertise to find the best possible spot to mitigate as much damage as possible. This way, the repair remains totally free of cost, the worst area is addressed, and you have more time to decide how best to move forward. - We can give you a quote to fully repair the damaged area, or, if the roof is in bad enough condition, we can give you a quote to replace the whole roof, and you can move forward with that. Either way, Reggae Roofing will do its best to help you get under a safe, effective roofing system.
  • How large is the repair you'll be installing?
    The maximum size of the repair that we conduct is 3 ft x 3 ft. Commonly, water intrusion is caused by a relatively small deficiency or weakness in the roof system, so this size is actually more than enough to catch the majority of leaks.
  • How do you know what area of my roof to repair?
    Our professionals have seen most of the common repair situations over their years of experience. While every repair is different, an oversimplification of the process would be the following: Visually inspect the property and the site of the apparent leak. If applicable, view the site of the leak through the attic to identify where water intrusion is starting on the plywood deck. Measure the precise location of the leak to orient ourselves onto the roof. Conduct a visual survey of the top layer of the roof system to try to spot obvious defects (like cracks in tiles, exposed nails on shingle, or open seams on flat roofs). Use a moisture detecting device to find areas where moisture is concentrated but may not be visible to the naked eye. Determine the best location to conduct a spot repair based on all the available data.
  • How long will this repair last?
    Each repair is different. Our staff will happily inspect your roof and provide you with more details on how long your repair will last after gathering the data necessary to make that assumption. To give an idea: the vast majority of repairs are rated to last between 1-2 years.
  • My roof is under warranty. Will this affect the warranty?
    Most workmanship warranties given by other roofers will be voided by our going out there and conducting a repair, even if our repair is superior to what they would have done. If your roof is under another roofer's warranty, we strongly recommend reaching out to them first and seeing if you can arrive to a resolution. Often, if the roofer is fair and honest, the roof repair you need can still be done for free without voiding your existing warranty.

Free Leak Repair

  • No obligation. No strings attached. We'll conduct a free repair and in...

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